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canelli siege


Details of all these festivals and more can be found at the tourist office in Canelli or on the following websites:


Festivals in Piemonte

It is not a surprise that the Piemontese celebrate the good life with innumerable village festivals throughout the year. These are a wonderful way to experience life in Italy and enjoyed by all ages. Here are some of our favourite ones in year order:

4th Sunday in May: Corsa delle Botte - Nizza Monferrato. Local wine producers roll wine barrels through the main square (which also has a funfair) in a series of races in a bid to be the first wine producers to deliver wine to the families of the region

3rd weekend in June: The Siege of Canelli - Canelli. This festival is a re-enactment of the Siege of Canelli in 1613 and the whole town (over 1,000 people) wear the traditional costumes of the period and recreate the atmosphere of a town under siege, starting from the rumours, to the battle and finally victory over the enemy.

2nd Saturday and Sunday of September: The Festival delle Sagre, Asti. A great opportunity to sample a variety of local dishes, without having to travel throughout the region. Tractors pull decorated trailers through the streets.

2 weeks mid September: Douja D'Or, Asti. The major attraction of this festival is the wine, which you can sample, whilst listening to musical performances.

3rd Sunday in September: The Palio at Asti. This is one of the oldest Palio's in Italy, dating back to 1275. The wonderful pageantry, and then the bareback horse races around the main piazza in Asti make this a great event to watch.

1st September in October: The Palio of Donkeys at Alba. This Palio deliberately mocks the Asti Palio by using donkeys instead of Horses!! A sense of humour indeed.

October - November: The famous white truffle season. Although the whole region of Piemonte goes truffle mad, Alba and Asti are the main hosts of the white truffle season and you can watch the truffles being weighed and bought by connoisseurs from all over the world.



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